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Alumni Members
Name Designation E-mail Profile
Dr P Banerjee Scientist G pbanerjee@nplindia.org View
Dr Gopal Bhatia Scientist G gbhatia@nplindia.org View
Dr Swapan Kumar Sarkar Scientist G sksarkar@nplindia.org View
Dr Amitabha Basu Scientist G abasu@nplindia.org View
Dr Raj Singh Dabas Scientist G rajdabas@nplindia.org View
Dr Tarsem Lal Dhami Scientist G dhami@nplindia.org View
Dr Sita Ram Gupta Scientist G srgupta@nplindia.org View
Dr G M Saxena Scientist G gmsaxena@nplindia.org View
Sh Surendra Singh Verma Scientist G ssverma@nplindia.org View
Dr Pradeep Kumar Pasricha Scientist F pkpasricha@nplindia.org View
Sh B V Kumaraswamy Scientist F bvks@nplindia.org View
Mrs Madhu Bahl Scientist F bahlmadhu@nplindia.org View
Sh Deepak Kumar Tewari Scientist F dktewari@nplindia.org View
Mrs Shikha Mandal Scientist F shikha@nplindia.org View
Sh S K Rastogi Tech Ofcr (EI) skrastogi@nplindia.org View
Sh T K Bhattacharya Tech Ofcr (C) tkb@nplindia.org View
Mrs. Abha Bhatnagar Sr.Technical Officer(1) abhab@nplindia.org View
Sh. Vijay Sharma Sr.Technical Officer(2) vsharma@nplindia.org View
Mrs. Shashi Lekha Bhatnagar Sr.Technical Officer(2) bhatnagarsl@nplindia.org View
Sh. Tarun Kumar Chakraborty Sr.Technical Officer(3) tarunc2003@nplindia.org View
Sh. V. K. Ojha Sr.Technical Officer(3) ojhavk@nplindia.org View
Sh. S. B. Samanta Principal Technical Officer sbsamanta@nplindia.org View
Sh. Anil Kumar Suri Principal Technical Officer anilsuri@nplindia.org View
Dr. (Ms) M. Deepa Scientist m_deepa@nplindia.org View
Dr. Y. Nazeer Ahammed Scientist ynahammed@nplindia.org View
Dr. Narinder Kumar Arora Senior Scientist nkarora@nplindia.org View
Sh. Kavindra Pant Principal Scientist pantk@nplindia.org View
Sh. M. P. Singh Principal Scientist mpsingh@nplindia.org View
Dr. Ratan Lal Principal Scientist ratanlal@nplindia.org View
Dr. Devinder Gupta Principal Scientist dgupta@nplindia.org View
Dr. Mrs. Meenakshi Kar Principal Scientist mkar@nplindia.org View
Sh. S. Uma Maheshwar Rao Senior Principal Scientist sumrao@nplindia.org View
Dr. Mahendra Kumar Goel Senior Principal Scientist mkgoel@nplindia.org View
Sh. Ramesh Chandra Anandani Senior Principal Scientist rcanandani@nplindia.org View
Sh. Narendra Kumar Sethi Senior Principal Scientist nksethi@nplindia.org View
Sh. H. K. Maini Senior Principal Scientist hkmaini@nplindia.org View
Sh. Deo Raj Nakra Senior Principal Scientist nakra@nplindia.org View
Sh. H. R. Singh Senior Principal Scientist hrsingh@nplindia.org View
Sh. Sushil Kumar Sharma Senior Principal Scientist sksharma@nplindia.org View
Dr. Abdul Mobin Chief Scientist mobina@nplindia.org View
Dr. Ashis Kumar Bandyopadhyay Chief Scientist akband@nplindia.org View
Dr. Rakesh Behari Mathur Chief Scientist rbmathur@nplindia.org View
Dr. Virendra Shanker Chief Scientist vshanker@nplindia.org View
Dr. M. N. Kamalasanan Chief Scientist mnkamal@nplindia.org View
Dr. Ravi Mehrotra Chief Scientist ravi@nplindia.org View
Dr. Hari Kishan Chief Scientist hkishan@nplindia.org View
Dr. Bansi Dhar Malhotra Chief Scientist bansi@nplindia.org View
Dr. Pardeep Mohan Chief Scientist pardeep@nplindia.org View
Dr. Desh Raj Sharma Chief Scientist drsharma@nplindia.org View
Sh. Omkar Sharma Chief Scientist osharma@nplindia.org View
Dr. Sunil Kumar Singhal Chief Scientist sksinghal@nplindia.org View
Sh. Anil Kumar Chief Scientist anil@nplindia.org View
Prof. R.C. Budhani Director dnpl@nplindia.org View
Hari Narain Meena Section Officer hari@nplindia.org View
T.V.Joshua Controller of Administration (CoA) Joshua@nplindia.org View