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Calibration & Testing Charges

(*New charges are applicable from April 01, 2013)

The calibration and testing charges have been classified in the area of activities of the various sections of this laboratory. For calibration, the ‘parameters’ of measurement are given in the bracket just below the area of the activity. Testing areas are listed separately. The customers are supposed to know the ‘parameter(s)’ (like volume, torque, capacitance or magnetic flux etc.) for which the particular item is to be calibrated or the ‘area of testing’ for the testing of any sample. In case of any enquiry, you are requested to Contact CFCT .

Calibration Parameters Testing Areas
Optical Thin Films & Ceramics
(Thin Film Coating)
Optical Thin Films & Ceramics
(Optical Thin Film)
Multiferroics and Magnetics
(Magnetic Flux Density, Resonance Frequency, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Flux, Volt.Sec, Magnetic Power Loss, Permeability & Coerecivity and Turn Area )
Polymer & Soft Materials
(Contact Angle Measurement)
Atmospheric Chemistry
(Ozone Concentration)
Physics & Engineering of Carbon
(Carbon Materials)
Precise Timing Systems
(Time & Frequency)
Multiferroics and Magnetics
(Magnetic Properties & Magnetic Field)
Mass Standards
(Mass, Density, Volume & Viscosity)
Metals & Alloys 
(Mechanical Testing)
Standards of Dimension
(Length, Frequency, Angle, Form, Roughness, Squareness, Roundness, Flatness & Straightness)
Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators
(Vibration Sensor)
Temperature & Humidity Standards
(Temperature & Humidity)
Atmospheric Chemistry
(Environmental Science)
Optical Radiation Standards
(Luminous Flux, Luminous Intensity, Color Temperature, Color Coordinates, Illuminance, Luminance, Irradiance, UV Intensity, Illuminance Responsivity, Spectral Responsivity, Transmittance, Color & Wavelength, Transmittance or Absorbance / Reflectance, Optical Density, Spectral Irradiance and Temperature (Infra Red))
Optical Radiation Standard 

Force and Hardness Standards
(Force, Torque & Hardness)

Acoustics, Ultrasonics & Vibration Stds
(Acoustic Materials, Noise & Vibration Measurements)
Pressure & Vaccum Standards
(Absolute, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pressure)
Acoustics, Ultrasonics & Vibration Stds
Acoustics, Ultrasonics & Vibration Stds
(Sound Pressure & Vibration Amplitude)
Fluid Flow Measurement Standards 
(Fluid Flow)
Acoustics, Ultrasonics & Vibration Stds 
AC Power & Energy Standards
(AC Energy Meter)
LF, HF Impedance & DC Standards
(DC Voltage, DC Current, DC Resistance & DC Voltage, Current & Resistance)
Work & Services
(Electrical Engineering)
LF, HF Impedance & DC Standards
(Capacitance, Inductance, AC Resistance, AC Voltage Ratio, Dissipation Factor, LCR (Meter / Bridge))
X-Ray Analysis
(Powder and High Resolution X-Ray Diffraction Analysis, X-ray Fluorescence Analysis)
LF & HF Impedance & DC Standards
(DC High Voltage (>1 kV), DC High Voltage Divider Ratio, DC High Current & DC Low Resistance)
Electron & Ion Microscopy
(Electron Microscopy)
LF, HF Voltage, Current & Microwave Standards
(AC Voltage, AC Current, Frequency, AC-DC Voltage Transfer Difference, AC-DC Current Transfer Difference and AC-DC Voltage & Force )
Electron & Ion Microscopy
(Surface Analysis (SIMS))
LF, HF Voltage, Current & Microwave Standards
(Frequency, RF Voltage, RF Power, Effective Efficiency, Calibration Factor, Voltage Amplitude, AC Voltage & Frequency and Voltage Amplitude & Frequency)
EPR & IR Spectroscopy
(EPR Spectrometer)
LF, HF Voltage, Current & Microwave Standards
(Attenuation, VSWR, Reflection Coefficient, Phase )
Analytical Chemistry
(Chemical Analysis)
AC High Voltage & AC High Current Standards
(AC High Current, AC High Voltage, AC High Current Ratio, AC High Voltage Ratio, Voltage & Current Burden, Capacitance and Loss facor (Tan Delta), High Voltage Capacitance and Tan Delta)
AC Power & Energy Standards
(AC Energy, AC Power, Power Factor, AC Current & Voltage (For Power / Energy Meter))
Quantum Hall Resistance Standards
(Quantum Hall Resistance (QHR))
Nanoscale Measurements
(Length & Frequency)
Analytical Chemistry
(Certified Reference Materials )