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Calibration & Testing Charges

(*New charges are applicable from April 01, 2014)

The calibration and testing charges have been classified in the area of activities of the various sections of this laboratory. For calibration, the ‘parameters’ of measurement are given in the bracket just below the area of the activity. Testing areas are listed separately. The customers are supposed to know the ‘parameter(s)’ (like volume, torque, capacitance or magnetic flux etc.) for which the particular item is to be calibrated or the ‘area of testing’ for the testing of any sample. In case of any enquiry, you are requested to Contact CFCT .

Calibration Parameters Testing Areas
LF, HF Voltage, Current & Microwave Standards
AC Voltage, AC Current, Frequency
Optical Thin Films & Ceramics
Optical Thin Film
LF, HF Voltage, Current & Microwave Standards
Frequency, RF Voltage, RF Power
Polymer & Soft Materials
Contact Angle Measurement
LF, HF Voltage, Current & Microwave Standards
Attenuation, VSWR, Reflection Coefficient,Phase
Physics & Engineering of Carbon
Carbon Materials
Optical Thin Films & Ceramics
Thin Film Coating
Multiferroics and Magnetics
Magnetic Properties & Magnetic Field
Multiferroics and Magnetics
Magnetic Flux Density, Resonance Frequency
Metals & Alloys
Mechanical Testing
Atmospheric Chemistry
Ozone Concentration
Piezoelectric Sensors and Actuators
Vibration Sensor
Precise Timing Systems
Time & Frequency
Atmospheric Chemistry
Vibration Sensor
Mass Standards
Mass, Density, Volume & Viscosity
Optical Radiation Standard
Standards of Dimension
Length, Frequency, Angle, Form
Acoustics, Ultrasonics & Vibration Stds
Acoustic Materials, Noise