The Central Computer Facility at NPL

The Central Computer Facility (CCF) (1) offers several network, computing and user-support facilities to NPL scientists and staff, (2) is involved in software development for use at NPL and development of biomedical instruments, and (3) conducts research in the areas of pattern formation and nonlinear physics and evolving networks. The CCF also provides consultancy to other instutions and industry in the area of IT infrastructure and networking and automation and instrumentation.

IT Infrastructure and Facilities
Develpmental Activities
Research & Educational Activities

CCF Staff

IT Infrastructure and Facilities at NPL

A campus LAN (Local Area Network) has been set which connects together approximately 850 computers spread over the NPL campus. The network utilises a mixture of optical fibre, UTP cables and switches. The internet access is provided through a gateway to the external world via a 2 Mbps radio link and 2 Mbps leased line to the ERNET at the department of Electronics. Email and Internet services are thus brought to the user's desktops.

CCF has established and is actively maintaining various servers namely Mail, Web, LTSP, Intranet, DHCP, DNS, Router, Bridge, Anti-virus, Backup, Database and Other Dept. servers for providing networking, mailing and backup services.

NPL LAN layout

CCF has started the initiative to establish a new Data Center facility. Migration to improved infrastructure, including new servers ; to improve of the quality of service, has been already completed. Multi-layered firewall, anti-spam engine, antivirus solution has been implemented to enhance the overall network security.

Developmental Activities

  • Development of Personnel Inventory System (PIR) to enable the employees to retrieve their PIR records. Its purpose is to help store personnels for maintaining and updating the PIR records online.

  • CCF has developed the NPL intranet site (http://nplnet.ccf.npl) and is maintaining the same for providing information about latest circulars, notices, announcements etc. User friendly interfaces are also provided on the site for lodging PC/printer AMC related complaints and checking the status, to browse through the list of experts, personal inventory records, telephone directory, commonly used forms and open source softwares etc.

Research and Educational Activities

  • Development of biomedical instruments like blood oxygenation monitor, ECG machine and brain oxymeter.

  • Experimental, theoretical, and computer simulation research on formation of patterns in a layer of a solid at the melting transition.

  • Research on models for prebiotic evolution using numerical methods.

  • Theoretical and computer simulation research on Study of Dynamical Behaviour of Vortices in Two-Dimensional Josephson Junction Arrays and Low Dimensional Coulomb Systems. These studies involved numerical solutions to a very large number of coupled non-linear differential equations and molecular dynamics simulations.

CCF Staff

Permanent Staff
Ravi Mehrotra
Scientist G & Head Raj Kumar Verma
Technical Officer
Ashish Ranjan Scientist C P. C. Philip Technical Officer
Deepti Chadha Scientist C Rajeev Jain Technical Assistant
Nitin Sharma Scientist C Hemant Bisht SMA
Anjali Sharma Scientist C Lachman Singh Safaiwala
Trilok Bhardwaj Scientist B
Ashok Kumar Technical Officer C
Vijay Sharma Technical Officer C
Kanwaljit Singh Technical Officer C
Temporary Staff
Somya Agarwal Research Intern