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Ramesh Chandra Budhani

It is my pleasure to present the new NPL website. The new website has been designed to cater the present needs of the stake holders mainly industries, academia, international and national collaboration partners, suppliers and General public of interest. The web site is focused to the various activities of NPL, in particular, the charter of NPL.

The laboratory has the prime responsibility of maintaining the national standards of measurements. It provides apex level calibration to users in all sectors of economy and security related organizations. Besides undertaking R&D activities in the establishment, development and maintenance of national standards, the laboratory also participates in the international inter-comparisons organized by International Organization for Weights and Measures (BIPM) and Asia Pacific Metrology Programme (APMP) as well as the bi-lateral inter -comparison with advanced countries like NIST (USA), PTB (Germany) etc.

For establishing international traceability. The laboratory also conducts advanced research in engineering materials, material characterization, climate change and atmospheric studies, superconductivity and cryogenics. In addition, laboratory takes up sponsored projects, consultancy assignments and contract research. The laboratory published nearly 250 papers in the SCI journals, filed international/national patents and provides services to the strategic needs of the country.

It is my pleasure to acknowledge the contribution of NPL scientists, engineers, technicians, administration, finance and accounts, supporting staffs. I also acknowledge with great pleasure the service of NPL web design committee.


(Prof.Ramesh Chandra Budhani )