The National Metrology Institute of India and A Premier Research Laboratory in the Field of Physical Sciences
Materials Physics and Engineering

We develop state of the art materials, processes and technologies for Industrial and Strategic sectors through constant R&D efforts in selected areas. Several developmental projects have been undertaken and successfully implemented/ completed for different R & D organizations in past and many of them are ongoing. These projects are either CSIR network, sponsored, grant-in-aid, collaborative or consultancy in nature. Broadly, this division concentrates efforts in the following subareas and welcome participation/collaboration form public/private bodies.


Dr. A. M. Biradar, Chief Scientist & Head
Materials Physics & Engineering Division
National Physical Laboratory,
Dr. K. S. Krishnan Road, New-Delhi-110012, INDIA
E-Mail: abiradar@mail.nplindia.org

Tel: 91-11-45608262/8569; Fax: 91-11-45609310; Mob: 9213609238

Sections and major activities
Polymeric and soft Materials
Physics and Engineering of Carbon
Advanced Luminiscent Materials and Related Devices
Bimolecular Instrumentation
Multiferroics and Magnetics
Monolayers and Liquid Crystals
Metals and Alloys

Group Members