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Dr. Krishan Kumar Saini
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Chief Scientist
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A-90, HIL-Apartments, Sector-13, Rohini, Delhi-110085

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  • 1. DP/DU No. and Name: i) 2.03 Materials Physics and Engineering

                                                ii) 8.02 SASD, Centre for Calibration and Testing
  • 2. Name : Dr. Krishan Kumar Saini
  • 3. Current position and Address: Chief Scientist
  • 4. Date of Birth: December 10, 1955
  • 5. Educational Qualifications:
  • Degree Subject University/Institute Year

    Ph. D.

    Physics (Synthesis and study of High Tc super conductors)

    Delhi University


    M. Phil

    Physics  (Electronics & solid state)

    Kurukshetra Univ.


    M. Sc.

    Physics (Electronics & solid state)

    Kurukshetra Univ.


    6. Academics/Research Experience:

  • Year


    Research field

    Institute ( in India/Abroad).


    1980-81 i) Formation and discharge current studies of polymer electrets. Kurukshetra University M. Phil

    1981-to 1983

    About one year

    Lecturer Physics

    Under directorate of Higher Education Haryana

    1983 to date 30 years

    I)  Development of electro-chromic digital display devices.

    II)  Development and study of electron beam deposited ITO based transparent conductors

    III)  Fabrication and study of metal oxide based non –linear with Poole-Frenkel type of conduction, feasible devices for matrix addressed liquid crystal displays

    IV)  Development and study of high temperature ceramic superconductors. BiSrCaCuO and TlBaCaCuO based systems and related instrumentation specifically Hall effect and 3rd harmonic detection.

    V)  Development of detection prototype for LPG, Blood glucose and Polymer based CO sensor.

    VI)  Study of real time image processing devices for applications to correlation devices.

    VII)  Synthesis of polymer (polystyrene) microspheres for biosensor applications.

    VIII)   Fabrication of monomolecular layers on glass and silicon substrates by LB technique.

    IX)  Development of thin films coating system by sol-gel technique and fabrication of TiO2 thin films on one meter by one meter substrates by this equipment.

    X)  Optimization of the above film parameters are architectural self-cleaning window glass applications.

    XI)  Fabrication and study of cation doped TiO2 films by solgel technique for photocatalytic and photovoltaic applications.

    XII)  Study and tuning of phase change property of vanadium oxide.

    XIII)   Synthesis and study of chalcogenide nano-particles.

    XIV)   Bismuth oxyhalide photocatalysis.


    National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi . Regular Employee
    2007 -2013 6 Semesters Delivered full course lectures to M. Tech and research scholars on Nano – technology, solar energy, research methodology & nano-electronics. CDAC, JSS academy of technical Education, Amity University, NPL Guest Faculty
  • 7. Date of Joining NPL: February 15, 1983
  • 8. No. of Publications:

  • SCI Journals Conference/ proceedings Books Total
    36 59 nil 95

    9. No. of Patents: : 9 (abroad) + 1 (india)

    10. Current Activity :

          Administrative function – Head, Center for Calibration and Testing.

          Research Interests; - Undoped and doped TiO2 films are being prepared by solgel dip coating process for self cleaning glass to be used in solar panels 7 architectural glass, biocompatible surface, environmental applications, solar energy harvesting like DSSC, water splitting.

          Bismuth oxy halide catalysts, vanadium dioxide films by dip technique and resistive memory based on transition metal oxide films.

  • 11. Honours and Award:

    →(i) NPL Technology Award, 2007, ii) Best poster award in MRSI meeting in 2008.

    Technology validated by FICCI under DST- Lokheed Martin India Innovation Growth program - “Photoactive TiO2 coatings on glass for self cleaning applications”.

    12. Any other information:

    • Invited Talks - 17
    • Thesis examined – 4
    • R & D visits abroad – 4
    • Membership of six reputed research societies.
    • Interntional/ National symposia/conference organized in NPL - 4
    • R & D projects completed – 14
    • Research articles/papers reviewed for SCI journals (RSC & Elsevier) - 64
    • Research Students: Ph. D. thesis completed – 2 carrying out research for Ph. D. – 4. M. Sc. & M. Tech students completed one semester project – 8. One year research project – 3
    • Delivered lectures of full course to M. Tech and Ph. D Scholars on nanotechnology, solar energy and research metnodology.
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Materials Physics and Engineering


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7 years 36 weeks