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Dr. S. K. Dhawan
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Chief Scientist
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27/63, Ist Floor, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110060

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Dr. S.K. Dhawan: working as Chief Scientist in Materials Physics & Engineering Division of CSIR-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi. Working in the designing and modification of Conducting polymers, nanoferromagnetic composites, graphene for EMI shielding, organic light emitting diodes & organic solar cells besides developing self healing conducting polymer paints for corrosion protection. Recent research activities are focused on utilization of fly-ash for antistatic and EMI shielding applications, weight reduction of Pb-acid battery using conducting polymer/matrix and designing of Intelligent coatings. Published 150 papers, 6 US patents and 8 Indian Patents. Fourteen students have done their Ph.D. and 55 students have done their M.Tech. Project. Dr. Dhawan has contributed 5 chapters in books and is in the process of writing a book on Electronic Metals. He has received outstanding scientist award in 2009 and DST-Lockheed Innovation Award in 2014 for his contribution in Self healing coatings.

Worked on projects sponsored by GE-CRD, Schenectady, NY-12301, USA; Reliance Industries, Mumbai; ISRO (VSSC), Thiruvanthapuram; DRDO, Ministry of Environment & Forest (MOEF) & CSIR-Network Projects. One technology under the Network Project on Conducting Polymer Paints and Coatings for Corrosion Prevention has been transferred to the Industry. NDA has been signed with The University of Texas at Austin with Global Commercialization Group, AkzoNobel, UK and DOW Chemicals, Golcha Minearls, Jaipur.

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Materials Physics and Engineering


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