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Dr. Yesh Pal Singh
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Chief Scientist
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5/36, First Floor, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110060

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  • DP/DU No. and Name:
  • 1.03B, Temperature & Humidity Standards

    ( Thermometry, Thermocouples & Pyrometry Group )

    (Physico-Mechanical Standards)

  • Educational Qualifications:
  • Degree Subject University/Institute Year


    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

    Delhi University , Delhi


    M.Sc. (Physics)

    Physics (Electronics)

    Meerut University , Meerut


    Ph.D. (Physics) Physics (Radiation Pyrometry) Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi 1995

  • Title of Ph.D. Thesis :

    Electron transport properties of undeformed and deformed

    n-InSb at liquid helium temperature and above
  • Academics/Research Experience:
  • Year Duration Research field Institute ( in India/Abroad) Fellowship


    30 Years

    Development, realization, maintenance and up-gradation of primary standards of temperature as per International Temperature Scales (ITS), currently the ITS-90 and their dissemination to industry and accredited laboratories by providing apex level calibration.

    NPL, New Delhi

    Working in the Temp. Stds since joining the laboratory on 6 th Oct. 1980

    1992-93 6-Months Advance study in liquid-in-glass and resistance thermometry, noble metal thermocouples and spectral radiation pyrometry in the temperature range from -200 ° C to 2500 ° C. PTB, Germany NPL-PTB Technical Cooperation Program, Phase-II
    1998-99 4-Weeks Advance training in IR-radiation pyrometry in the temperature range from -50 ° C to 1300 ° C. PTB, Germany -do-
  • Date of Joining NPL:
  • 6 th October, 1980
  • No. of Publications:

  • SCI Journals Conference/ proceedings Others Books Total
    33 20 21 - 74
  • No. of Patents : Two

    1.  Improved constant temperature baths – know-how transferred (Patent No.22066)

    2.  Ferro fluid based temperature sensor.

  • Current Activity :
  • (Not more than 50 words)

    •  Development, realization, establishment, maintenance and up-gradation of primary standards of temperature by fixed points as per International Temperature Scales, currently known as the ITS-90.

    •  To provide apex level calibration to accredited laboratories and user industries all over India in the overall range from -200 ° C to 2200 ° C and plan to extend it to 3000 ° C.

    •  To participate in the international key comparisons (APMP or bilateral) of temperature standards (LIGT/TC/TS Lamps).

    •  International collaboration in temperature metrology for SAARC countries under SAARC-PTB project for regional comparison in temperature metrology.

    •  To provide training in temperature metrology to national and international users.

    •  Development and enhancement of metrological facilities for the benefit of laboratories, industries and the society in general.

    •  Preparation for the second round of peer review in the temperature metrology for maintaining the quality system in the activity.

    To organize proficiency testing (PT) programs among the accredited laboratories within the country under NPL-NABL cooperation program.

  • Honours and Award:

    •  NPL award of Rs.1000/- with citation for transfer of technology on development of constant temperature liquid baths to M/s Labin Scientific Instruments & Calibration Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi .

    •  NPL award of Rs.2500/- with citation for grant of patent No.220662 on “ Improved constant temperature bath” .

  • Any other information:

    •  Member of NPL in-house committees (Academic/Pricing & Distribution/Insurance for instruments)
    from time to ime.

    •  Fellow of Metrology Society of India (MSI) since 1995.

    •  Member of Material Research Society of India (MRSI) since 1995.

    •  Member of Expert panel for Thermal Calibration of NABL Pre-evaluation Committee.

    •  Qualified Lead & Technical Auditor of NABL accreditation program.

    • Member of Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation (RERF), Mount Abu (Raj)

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Apex Level Standards & Industrial Metrology


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7 years 37 weeks